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A Personal Consultation:
Diagram for Life
Bill does personal profiles that highlight individual gifts and challenges. He offers specific actions that help people minimize their difficulties in every day life.
Suggestions for Vocations, Avocations, and Recreations. Audio Taped for Future Reference. Significant Discount on Subsequent Visits and/or Referrals. A great gift idea. Problem avoidance for couples. It is an easy, practical, and fun way to take full advantage of your talents while you discover the "why" of your behavior: your hidden thoughts, feelings, and actions. Sound like fun?
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Understand Yourself Better and Improve Your Communication Skills!

Two Ways to Study People Reading!
You can use the newly published Personology: Discovering Your Personality to study Personology. It's a great way to understand yourself and others. This exciting new book covers 48 traits with personal stories, a wide variety of trait photos and illustrative drawings and personalized suggestions. An accreditation certificate is available after completion of the course.

Buy and enjoy Personology: Discovering Your Personality
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Buy Personology: Discovering Your Personality and enroll in my "short" training course. I will guide you through the material and you will receive a certificate
of completion.
Personal Training Fee: $275 (prepay for minimum of 8 sessions)
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 Full Day
 Multiple Days

Lively, interactive, informative, with high take home value.
Wide appeal, to men, women, children, and mates.
A nice change from the "norm."
Soft skills everyone can use and enjoy.
Sales Teams
Company Meetings
Leadership Groups
Civic Events
Philanthropic Groups

Each attendee receives a professional handout covering program content and timely suggestions on how to understand potential behavior in a practical, accurate, unbiased, and novel way. If appropriate, we will offer substantial discounts on our books and other products at the event. Fees for live presentations are based on particular objectives and content requirements. Travel and other expenses are additional.
Sample Presentation Titles
How to Spot Your Perfect Mate from Across the Room
People Reading in Sales
People Reading Guide to Leadership
How to Get Your Kids to Listen to You---All the Time
27 Ways to Pick the Right Person for the Right Job
Five Things to Know to Have Better Conversations

Perfect for companies of all sizes---teams and management alike! It is a per person process. The basis reflects a continuing workshop schedule over a predetermined amount of time. Each custom-designed process improvement includes a professional workbook, a free copy of Nature’s Message or People Reading in Sales, and appropriate backup material. For maximum effectiveness, groups should be at least 12 to 15 people.
Full Course
Entire 16 traits, highly interactive, focused, outstanding take home value; two annual follow ups for 2 years
Priced per person
Medium Course
Twelve traits, very interactive, excellent take home value; one annual follow up for 2 years
Priced per person
Four traits, interactive, very good take home value, free newsletter, one follow up within first year
Priced per person

"I wanted to thank you for sharing your time and expertise with the group. You are and engaging and talented speaker, your segment was very interesting. The information you provided can be a useful tool in our business of figuring out people." Sandra Hood, Investigator, Discovery Investigations, Tacoma, WA

""What a valuable presentation! I could have used this information long ago. I can see how many uses Personology has in my sales career. Bill's experiences in sales make the topic even more stimulating." Barbara Olson, Sales Professional, Sacramento, CA

"I've always wanted to understand my clients better. Now, I really know how. I love the honesty and accuracy in this approach." John Patrick Dolan, CEO, LawTalk, Brea, CA

“I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your seminar. I spent days studying neuro-linguistics but have always found it easy to forget and hard to use. The information you gave us is incredible, very easy to use and opens the door in an instant. Thank you.” Lloyd Mandeville, Broker/Owner, Prudential Real Estate

“I found something that works every time. I will never look at others the same way again. Profound!” Robert Keith, Derma-Culture Sales Associate

"Howdy Mr. Bill Whiteside and thank you for your presentation on People Reading you presented at TBTA's Education Day. I must admit that I was rather skeptical prior to hearing your presentation, thinking it was a way to judge or stereotype people. However, I found that it was actually informative and this reading skill can benefit us in business and personal relationships. Being able to recognize or "assess" the leanings or behavioral styles of others truly would be an advantage in many situations and I'm glad to have heard and learned from your presentation. Thank you again." Charles Derbigny, Baker Hughes Business Support Services, Houston, TX

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