As People Reading demonstrations create high public interest and visibility, Bill is a frequent guest on TV and radio shows. In addition, many leading edge publications are beginning to publish articles identifying the practical, mainstream uses of People Reading. Here are some examples.

Personal Trainer for Life
Are Your Guests Happy?
August 2001
Bill Whiteside, behavioral expert, "personologist" and face-reader says the following also are signs that your party is a success. 1. Watch for the physical distance between people to become closer as the evening progresses. 2. Some people are naturally good-natured and others seem moody or brooding. When this second group seems to elevate and lighten up, things are really going well. 3. When people ask you about your next party, the event is a success.

August 2001
Get Beautiful Brows
Page 18
This was really fun!
"According to face reading expert Bill Whiteside, your arches reveal a lot about who you are. The four brow types are flat, dramatic, half-moon and combination. Read on and find out which type you are and how to make the most of your brows with the right tools and grooming tips."

July 2001
Personology Turns Business Inside Out
by Sue Wright
"We live in an increasingly impersonal and time-conscious world ruled by cell phones and email. That means fewer opportunities for meeting people face-to-face. Yet, success in business can rely on one's ability to successfully read others when you do come face-to-face. According to Bill Whiteside, a trainer, speaker, author, coach and consultant in Personology and People Reading..." Click to Read

Sunday Edition
May 13, 2001
by Penelope Green
There are depths of meaning in eyebrows. "One of the first things you look at are the eyes and the brows," said Mr. Whiteside, a cheerful man with a can-do phone manner. "It's the area that shows traits associated with feeling and emotion." (Entire text of this article is available on request)

Jennifer Whitney
KOVR 13 News
Sacramento, CA
APPEARED ON News at 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00pm (2/16/01)
Do you believe in Personology?
People who believe in personology say your features forecast your life, no matter what your age. Fat, thin, short, tall. All of us make snap judgments about people we see based on the way they look. In this special assignment, Jennifer Whitney introduces you to a man who says there's a science to "people-reading."
Some people believe that when you're old, your face will tell the tale of the life you led. But people who believe in personology say your features forecast your life, no matter what your age.
Bill Whiteside says there's a science to "people reading."
Professional people reader Bill Whiteside says our new president has one prominent feature that indicates he'll be a man of few words. "He's very precise and concise and what he says is what he means and that's a result of the thinness of the upper lip."
Bill Whiteside, Personologist, looking at George W. Bush: "Boy he wants loyalty."
Personology was born in the 1920's when circuit court Judge Edward Jones began noticing similarities among criminals charged with the same crimes.

A skeptical Robert Whiteside, Bill's uncle, attended a lecture in 1941. He became hooked when Jones was able to read his wife. He devoted the rest of his life to using statistics to prove Jones' observations. In the end, Whiteside says he was able to validate about 70 of the 125 traits Jones observed.

Bill Whiteside: "The other thing Robert always said which intrigued me was, he said, all that's well and good. Just show 'em it works. And it works."

Mary Jane Popp Show
Two Appearances (10/00 and 12/00) Saturdays from 11:00am to 1:00pm

Entire Text of Article Available
on Request or click here.

"Personologists say learning to read a person's physical structure can help anticipate that person's potential behavior. Such knowledge can prove valuable in career decisions, relationships, health-care settings, and even sales situations."

A wonderful morning with Marianne, Nick and Mark previewing the candidates in the presidential election last November. These people are lively, fun and really interested in People Reading.

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